How To Place An Order Microdot Stores

First time purchasing? You probably ask yourself this question: How to order online? At Microdot Store, ordering products online is made easy and quick; In a few steps, we will show you how to mail order Microdot Store online quickly and easily. We currently do not accept orders below $100.

1. Browse throughout our online store and add to cart the products that best satisfies your needs and the quantity you will be needing.

2. Click on the proceed to cart button that is found at the top right side of your screen, you will be redirected to the cart page where you will have the details of all the selected products (prices, quantity selected etc.). If everything is as you wanted, then click on the proceed button.

3. Here you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to enter all the shipping details we will be in need of in order to get your package shipped to the right place. This information will be securely collected by us and no one else will be in possession of these information. You will also be required here to choose a payment method. Make sure to choose the one with which you are more familiar with.

4. Our Staff receives the information concerning your order and will send you a confirmation email regarding your order with all the details about the order. If everything is perfect, then you will just have to confirm that with a reply.

5. We receive your confirmation regarding your order and provide you with the payment details you will be in need of so that you could proceed with the payment of your order, as soon as that is done, you will send us a confirmation email with the details of the transaction so that our Financial Department will be able to confirm that and will direct it to the Shipping Department.

6. After confirmation of payment done by the Financial Department, The Production Department will need some hours to get your package ready for shipment before sending it to the Shipping Department who get your package shipped on the next day.

7. After shipment, has been done by the Shipping Department, we do provide you with the tracking number of your package so that you could be able to know exactly where your package is at any point in time and when it will be arriving the delivery location.

8. Client receives his/her package at the exact given delivery location in 3 above.