ShroomKits are a type of mushroom kit that allows you to grow your own mushrooms at home. With a ShroomKit, you will receive everything you need to get started, including spores, soil, and instructions. All you need is a little water and some patience!

ShroomKits make it easy for anyone to grow their own mushrooms, regardless of previous experience. They are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of mushrooms without having to go hunting for them in the wild. With a ShroomKit, you can have fresh mushrooms anytime you want!

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First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit

The Microdot Store First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit comes complete with everything you need to have a successful, safe, and fun experience. Our easy-to-follow instructions will walk you through every step of the process, from preparing your dose to enjoying your trip. Get the perfect intro to the world of psychedelics with our First Timer Magic Mushroom Kit! This comprehensive kit comes with everything you need for a safe, comfortable, and enlightening experience. It includes 1 gram of dried cubensis mushrooms, 1g of chocolates, a set of earplugs, and an eye mask - everything you need for a pleasant experience.

Magic Mushroom Sampler Kit

Each kit comes with five different types of magic mushrooms, each with its own unique flavor and effects. Whether you're looking for a milder trip or something more intense, there's something in this kit for everyone. Plus, we've included a handy guide that will help you identify each mushroom and what kind of experience you can expect from it. Ready to take your first steps into the world of magic mushrooms? Order your Microdot Store Magic Mushroom Sampler Kit today!